Generating sets are increasingly used as tools to generate electricity in places where there is no electricity supply. We are talking about an essential option in places such as hospitals, factories, data centres, shopping centres, buildings, prisons and in places with a large number of people where another source of alternative energy is needed.

At Agresa we are specialists in the sale of generating sets and we will advise you on the choice of your set so that you can enjoy an optimum electricity supply at all times without having to depend on the conventional electricity grid.

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Generating sets: alternative and reliable sources of electricity

mejores grupos electrógenos 2021

When we talk about generator sets, we are referring to those devices that contain an electric generator that is driven by an internal combustion engine and that are used as alternative and backup systems to supply electricity when the conventional supply does not arrive.
These reliable sources of electricity or generators can be stationary or portable depending on the power need and the location where they are required. Using a generator in a hospital is not the same as using a generator in a commercial warehouse or at home. The range and power characteristics are not the same, nor is their prolonged use.
At Agresa we have been in the industrial generator sets sector for more than 40 years and our track record endorses us as experts in this market and as the ideal partner to advise on the purchase and carry out the maintenance of generator sets from the best brands.
In the current context of automation of production processes, in which the daily life of many companies of all types is subject to dependence on the electricity grid, it is essential to guarantee a permanent electricity supply. In this context, generating sets are a magnificent ally for companies.
At Agresa we can find the industrial generating sets that best suit your needs. We also take care of their installation and carry out regular maintenance checks to ensure the generator set is working properly.

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Main types of generating sets

There are three types of generating sets with different characteristics that respond to different realities and all of them are included in our catalogue.

Emergency power

Generator set designed to operate for no more than 200 hours per year at maximum rated power. If they are overloaded they are very likely to malfunction. If they are not used at maximum power, they can run for longer hours. They are used in places where the mains power supply is regularly down.

Prime Power

Generating sets designed to be used for as long a period of time as necessary at a variable power rating where their maximum is the rated power. They have a high load capacity and are very frequently used in the construction and mining sectors. They are diesel powered.

Continuous power

Generating sets with very similar characteristics to those with main power. The big difference between the two is that they can work at maximum rated power for as long as necessary. This type of industrial generating sets are used in hydroelectric power stations or control towers.

At AGRESA we work with the best brands of generating sets

Offering a top quality service is part of our company philosophy and for this reason we work with the main brands dedicated to the manufacture of generating sets.
The industrial generating sets we supply to our customers are of the latest generation and are soundproofed, have reduced consumption and guarantee low levels of polluting emissions.

The brands we work with are among the best in the world.

  • KOFO. They are a leading company in the research and development of new diesel engines. The know-how they have accumulated in this field makes them one of the benchmarks in the generator set sector.

  • BADOUIN. French brand with more than a century of experience that is a benchmark in the nautical sector. It is committed to innovation and development with its multiple R&D centres around the world.

  • MITSUBISHI. Company that provides customised power generation systems based on its MU-G Series technology. Its equipment is characterised by being easy to install and maintain.

mejores grupos electrógenos 2021
mejores grupos electrógenos 2021
  • DOOSAN. It is the oldest company in Korea with more than 120 years of history. Its range of generator sets features state-of-the-art panels that are very easy to use.

  • PERKINS. These generator sets are designed with advanced technology and high quality materials to ensure optimum performance in any situation. They are highly efficient and reliable.

Don’t forget, if you are thinking of making an investment to buy a generator set, at Agresa we have a lot to offer you. You can rely on real professionals in the energy sector, with more than thirty years of experience. And not only that, we can also take care of the maintenance of your generating set or check its condition with our test benches.
If you work with us, you will find a professional team that likes to be close to you and to whom you can tell us about your needs. Our commercial team will study all your interests and will make you a personalised proposal.

All you have to do is call and trust one of the most operational generating set companies in the country. You can write to or if you prefer, call us on 938 77 20 20.