It is a reality that sales are one of the most important elements for all companies. Therefore, it is essential to acquire all the tools and skills necessary for a good follow-up of sales and achieve our goals.

At Agresa, we have a wide range of products, with multiple applications and possibilities, and an expert and qualified human team. Even so, there are several factors that must be taken into account to achieve a good follow-up of sales in a company.

From Agresa we share three fundamental points to increase sales:

1. Response speed

When a client needs a budget for a service or generator set, at Agresa we don’t keep them waiting. We know that speed, together with quality and professionalism in work, equals sales.

Did you know that statistically it is known that contacting a potential client in the first 5 minutes of having received their data, increases up to 67% the probability of closing the sale? On the other hand, if you do it after 5 minutes, the probabilities decrease up to 10 times!

The importance of sales tracking, Agresa

2.Training and human team

The professionalism and knowledge of our commercials are very important to close sales. Their experience in the sector, their commitment to work and the good dynamics of the company, is a key factor in achieving an increase in sales and customer acquisition.

The customer must always be treated, as we would like to be treated ourselves or better. Empathy, commitment and responsibility is the magic recipe for capturing and generating sales.

The importance of sales tracking, Agresa

3.Timely follow-up

In Agresa we know that it is a reality that, in the day to day, with the amount of activities that have to be carried out and different projects on the table, in many occasions our potential clients postpone closing purchases that sooner or later must be made.

The importance of sales tracking, Agresa

Customers can be very interested in hiring us, thanks to some prices are adjusted to their budget, although the lack of time and attention take them away from the purchase. As a salesperson, it is our responsibility to close the sale, which is practically already done, we just have to be patient and persistent, with education and professionalism!

It is estimated that to close a sale requires approximately 5 effective contacts (mail, call or personal), and in Agresa we are applying it to improve our attention and personalized service.

Continuous improvement is the most important thing for our company to develop a good follow-up and generate more sales.