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What are the keys to get it right when it comes to deciding on a silent diesel generator?

We have often found ourselves in sectors and places where we have needed to install a continuous or prime power generator set but, due to the conditions of the location or the activities carried out in it, it was absolutely essential that the generator set did not emit large amounts of noise or, even, that it was a soundproofed machine. 

For example, it is extremely common to install these types of silent diesel generator in the mining sector, given that the mine workers cannot spend the entire working day enduring continuous loud noises; in the long term, they could suffer serious health problems.

They are also quite common machines in hospitals and medical centres; patients usually require care, silence and calm to recover and, in these cases, it is not viable to install a generator set that is not silent.

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On the other hand, in small buildings that require large amounts of energy, or that have problems in accessing the conventional electricity grid for whatever reason, it can also be necessary for silent diesel generators to be used so that the daily life of those nearby is not disturbed. 

But it is also important to be clear that it is not just interior generator sets that are usually soundproofed. All generator sets designed to be installed outdoors must be soundproofed by law, for different reasons. They must be covered so they are protected from the rain and prevent short circuits due to contact with water, and manufacturers must closely follow the European legislation on environmental noise.

At Agresa, as specialists in the sale of high powered generator sets, we have lines of silent machines from all of the leading brands offered on the current market: Kofo, Doosan, Mitsubishi, Cummins, Baudouin or MTU

We will advise you and guide you until you find the most silent diesel generator that best suits the energy needs of your company or installation. 

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Installation of a silent diesel generator at hospital de Reus

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This is one of the many projects and installations of generators that we have carried out. It consisted of the integral planning of the installation of two silent generators that would guarantee the electricity supply to the hospital in the event of any failure in the electricity network.

We installed four generator sets connected in parallel, capable of offering a power of 1,100 kva; with the intention of reducing costs and tightening the budget as far as possible, the arrangement of the machines was designed as follows:

  • Two fuel tanks were installed; one for every two generator sets.

  • Automatic fuel filling systems were set up.

  • To complete the installation, we installed a large capacity exterior tank, in addition to exhaust silencers with attenuation of 40 Db. 

  • For a correct gas outlet, we placed a tube up to the top floor, with DINAC Inox insulated pipes.

  • We fully soundproofed the two rooms where we installed the four machines – two generator sets in each room-.

  • Finally, we also placed an air outlet channel with various curves, achieving a noise from 58 dB to 7 m, and installed air inlet and outlet filters.

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