Safety, a fundamental pillar in the handling of a domestic generator

For Agresa’s team of workers, safety is one of the most important factors for our customers. A lot of attention must be paid when handling any type of generator or machinery, as is the case of a domestic generator. Due to its dimensions – small and malleable – and its easier installation, operation depends more on the user. It is therefore important to know not only the correct use of these equipment, but also to know how to handle them with caution to avoid any accident.

Do you want to avoid technical and health problems in the use of your domestic generator?

Do not miss the advice of Agresa, a company specialized in the sector with a long history. Learn how to start a household generator to ensure the safety of the staff and the integrity of the equipment.

1.Information necessary before starting up your electric generator:

  • Cleaning, first of all: Make sure that the surface where the equipment is placed is adequate. It should be found free of water, flammable materials, fuel or dirt.
  • Solid surface: It is important that the floor or structure where the group is firm, regular and solid. So we do not run risks of capsizing or that the equipment falls while it is in use.
  • Prudent distance: Place the electric generator, at least 7 meters away from windows, doors and veGrupo electrogeno domestico usontilation grilles. This will prevent the accumulation of CO2 in space.
  • Control tool: A good way to avoid any inconvenience with CO2 is to install an alarm that detects its levels in the environment. Remember to have a backup battery for her.
  • All connections in perfect condition: We have to make the connection to ground and use the GFCI switch. They mean its abbreviations in English: Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter.
  • Improves the location of the cables: The connections must be in places of little traffic of people. This way we will avoid any inconvenience, especially in spaces with low lighting.
  • Objects on the generator?: Preferably not and less if they are heavy.

2. The moment to start up the domestic generator grup

Once all the above standards have been met, it is time to start the activity of the generator set, for this:

  • Dry hands: We will work with a team that produces electricity and water is an excellent driver for it. So it is better that your hands are free of water and sweat. If necessary, we use insulating gloves before handling the group.
  • Suitable spaces: The group has to be in a suitable space. It can be exterior or interior with correct ventilation and installation.
  • Cable extensions: The cables have to be of quality and have certifications that guarantee their resistance and use for exteriors.
  • Maintenance of the extensions: Program periodic revisions to rule out any cut or break in the cable.
  • Programming on: All equipment connected to the generator must not be switched on at once. With this we could cause a saturation of the connection and damage it. Better to light them one by one.
  • Do not forget the transfer switch: This is an essential point for the team to work correctly. It serves to prevent major accidents when carrying out any maintenance work on the wiring.

grupo electrogeno

When is the domestic generator used?

To have in your home a domestic generator is to have an alternative source of electricity in case of electrical failures. It is usually used for specific periods and can also be a source of continuous energy.

Oh… and as an additional note! Remember to disconnect all equipment before manipulating a generator set and always take into account the maximum amount of power of your device, so do not overload it.

Remember, in everything related to the world of generators, Agresa is your solution.