Three-phase generator sets: features, characteristics and strengths

A three-phase generator set is a generator that has an electricity distribution system, formed by three single-phase alternating currents of the same frequency and amplitude, also known as “phases”.

How does a three-phase generator set work?

In order for the three-phase system to work correctly, it is important for the electrical circuit to be balanced. For this, each one of the single-phase currents that form it must have a symmetrical phase difference of 120°electrical degrees. If this is not the case, it is said that the system is unbalanced.

Within three-phase generator sets, we find two types of connections between the phases:

Three-phase generator sets
Three-phase generator sets

Star connection: this is produced when all of the phases start from the same connection point, a central point.

Three-phase generator sets

Delta connection: if we connect the end of each phase with the beginning of the next one, a triangle shaped connection is obtained. Unlike the previous one, here each phase connects two lines together.

Firstly, it is a three-phase system, the power is divided between them equally. This has advantages and disadvantages.

In a system which is balanced, you should calculate properly how you share the power, so the generator always works at an optimum level of performance.  If there is a gap, it could cause serious problems and faults.

Moreover, this makes the difference in terms of the utilisation of the energy and power offered. It makes them the most suitable machines for the industrial sector and for installations that require high power, or that have significant energy demands.

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Three-phase generator sets

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Three-phase generator sets

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