Three-phase generator sets. What you need for your company

Three-phase generator sets. What are they exactly?

A three-phase generator is a generator that has an electricity distribution system, formed by three monophasic alternating currents, of the same frequency and amplitude, also known as “phases”.

How does a three-phase generator work?

For the three-phase system to work properly it is important that the electrical circuit is balanced. For this, each of the single-phase currents that form it, must have a symmetrical phase difference of 120 ° electric. If this does not happen, it is said that the system is unbalanced.

Three-phase generator sets. What you need for your company, Agresa

Star connection: this occurs when all the phases start from the same connection point, a central point.

Three-phase generator sets. What you need for your company, Agresa

Connection in the form of a triangle: if we connect the end of each phase, with the beginning of the next, we obtain a connection in the form of a triangle. Unlike the previous one, here each phase connects two lines to each other.

In the first place, since it is a three-phase system, the power is divided equally among them. That has advantages and disadvantages. In a system that is balanced, you must calculate very well how you distribute the power, so that the generator always works with an optimum level of performance. If there is a lag, it can cause serious problems and breakdowns. On the other hand, this makes the difference in terms of the use of energy and the power offered. Fact that makes them more suitable equipment for the industrial sector and for installations that require high power, or have significant energy demands.

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Three-phase generator sets. What you need for your company, Agresa

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