The voltage regulator of a generator set: monitor the input and output voltage of your equipment

Voltage regulator for a generator set: What is its function?, Agresa

Which role does the voltage regulator for the generator set play?

Voltage regulators are a fundamental piece for the proper functioning of a generator set. They have all the generators to ensure that the power provided is stable, minimizing variations up to a percentage of less than 2%. In essence, they are responsible for monitoring the input and output voltage of the group, with a self-regulating system.

Their main mission is to guarantee under any circumstances that the voltage is correct and necessary, even if the load conditions are variable. They have the peculiarity of being able to regulate the voltage based on the changes in the electrical demand of each application.

Factors to consider about the voltage regulator for generator sets

Keep in mind that the regulator does not work as it should, it is very likely that problems will begin to appear in your generator set. It is an element that must be treated with delicacy, neatness and caution.

If the connections of the regulator are in poor condition, it is very possible that the devices that we connect to the generator set get overloaded or damaged. If you do not know how to review yours, it is vital that you go to a company with a quality technical service, such as Agresa.

On the other hand, there are the fuses and the thermomagnetic switch of protection of the regulator, which must be adjusted according to the maximum amperage power that your equipment supports.

It should also be noted that, especially in three-phase generator sets, you should always take into account the maximum amperage per line that the group can withstand without overloading, as it could damage both the regulator and the windings.

Finally, the voltage regulator for generator sets can also be damaged due to a low level of winding insulation. Try that the potential output level is the same or similar to the isolation level so as not to suffer any setback.

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Voltage regulator for a generator set: What is its function?, Agresa

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