¿Do you have a generator equipment in your company and you are planteándoos perform maintenance of it?

There are many aspects that must be taken into account when you want to buy a generator or when you want to check its operation.

For this reason, from Agresa Grupos electrógenos we have prepared a small glossary detailing each of the parts of a generator, so that no matter what happens, do not feel that they speak to you in Chinese.

The fundamental parts of a generator are the following:

  • Engine. This provides the mechanical force that will make the rotor of the electric generator work. Diesel engines are usually used, although there are also gasoline and gas engines. Diesel cars tend to be more popular because of their mechanical and economic advantages.

equipo electrógeno_motor diesel

  • Speed regulator. The mechanical force of the combustion engine is adjusted with an alternator. To ensure that the speed is appropriate, a system that regulates the engine is essential. The objective is to be able to guarantee that the engine speed is adequate.
    One can then speak of synchronous generators (see more about synchronous generators) in which the rotation speed is the same as the frequency of the output current. Or, of an asynchronous generated, which is a more complex machine, in which the output current has a different frequency to the speed of the engine.
  • Starting motor. It is the system responsible for starting the combustion machine. It usually operates with a battery of 12 or 24 Volts.
  • Refrigeration system. Composed of a radiator and a fan. Its objective is to help reduce the temperature of the engine of the generating set. It can contain a thermostat that automates and regulates the process of cooling the machinery.
  • Air filter. It is necessary to ensure that the inlet air does not have impurities, as they could damage the equipment unexpectedly.
  • Vibration isolator. Because they are very large machines, they usually generate a lot of vibration and noise. It is essential to have a system that reduces vibrations and thus does not damage the machine. Additionally, it is also essential to reduce noise, especially if it is found in work places frequented by people.
  • Control Panel. From which the operation of the machine is administered. Nowadays the advances in programming and control systems allow high precision and intelligent operations so that they can respond to unexpected events. The digitalization of the panel and its controls represents a great advance in the management of the generating equipment and in the detection of possible incidents.

equipo electrógeno_motor

¿What do I do if I have a generator set to check / maintain?

At Agresa Generator sets, we have a team of highly qualified professionals with years of experience in the sector that will be at your disposal to clarify any questions or give you the support you need according to your specific needs.

If you have a generator that needs to be checked, either because it has been damaged or because it needs maintenance, we recommend Agresa corrective maintenance and testing with the load bank to guarantee that the group will give the load, ensuring its performance and giving the tranquility that is expected.