What is it and why test with a load bank for generators?

What is a load bank for generators?

The load bank for generators is a tool that allows us to test your equipment, with the aim of ensuring its performance in any circumstance and minimize failures that may have arisen because of disuse.

Sometimes, there are installations that do not allow load switching tests, that’s when we recommend applying electrical loads with one of these banks, to check if your generator set is working properly.

In which cases or situations is it more advisable to carry out these tests?

All generator sets that are used infrequently, such as those used in emergency situations, are susceptible to being tested by a load bank. Also those who work with small loads.

In short, we recommend it for all those groups that do not submit to a periodic effort and that have been standing for a long time.

Each time you use the generator, a series of residues are generated that accumulate, and if they are not cleaned, they can achieve that the performance of the engine is not what you expect. They can even cause some kind of breakdown.

Well, when we apply the load bank, we manage to make all this waste disappear through combustion.

What is it and why test with a load bank for generators?, Agresa

Bet on the peace of mind of knowing that everything is going to be all right

If we test your generator with a load bank, you’ll get the guarantee that everything will work the right way when you need it. We will avoid the unexpected setbacks and headaches that can generate problems with your generator. At Agresa, we offer the possibility of carrying out these tests in order to find out, on the one hand, what load impact your group can withstand and, on the other hand, to determine which maintenance and correction tasks are necessary for it to function properly.

Please contact our technical department to find out more about load-bench testing for generating sets.

As the popular saying goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Do you want to test with a loadbank?