Why buy a diesel generator set? Advantages of making this decision

The main difference between diesel and petrol generators is that the former are specially designed for the industrial sector. They are used to cover the energy needs of large factories, shopping centres, hotels, buildings under construction…

On the other hand, gasoline generators are used in situations and places where high power is not required. They are small and medium-range equipment in terms of performance. They are usually found in private homes, small shops, ambulatories…

At Agresa, as specialists in the industrial sector, we always recommend opting for the first option for the reasons explained below.

What do diesel generators offer you?

First, diesel generators have lower fuel consumption than gasoline. They also pollute the environment less and are more ecological. They generate much less harmful waste for the planet. This factor triggered, some years ago, that gasoline generators were banned in quite a few places, due to their high degree of pollution. This fact has contributed directly to the fact that diesel generators are still better seen and sold much better.

Finally, it should be noted that diesel, as it consumes less fuel, is capable of running smoothly for a large number of hours.

From Agresa we believe that, although the prices of gasoline generators are lower, if you have a company or require great power, you should not waste time thinking about whether to choose one or the other. Choose the diesel generator set and you won’t regret it, we guarantee it.

Why buy a diesel generator set?, Agresa

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