However difficult it may be, there isn’t a generator set installation that gets the better of us

At Agresa we carry out all types of generator set installations, offering suitable solutions which are designed for each project. Our work consists of analysing the specific needs of each one of our customers to find the ideal generator set, which perfectly adapts both to the location where it needs to be installed and the business activity it is required for.

Each project is analysed, evaluated and developed according to its complexity; always aiming to meet the deadlines agreed with the customer.

Our wealth of experience, as well as the extensive list of projects we have taken part in throughout the years, is the best guarantee for all of our customers.  We have successfully carried out installations in all types of places, regardless of the limitations that have been presented to us: small spaces, fishing boats, raised off the floor,  demountable sets, in other continents, in mines, stations and communication towers

installation of generator sets, Agresa

Do you need an installation that doesn’t emit large amounts of noise?

installation of generator sets, Agresa

We also have silent generator sets, especially designed for hospitals, health centres, homes or libraries. We know there are places where silence is golden and it is worth maintaining it, and we have installed countless machines in places like these.

As you can see, however difficult it may be, no installation gets the better of us. You bring us the project and we will turn it into reality. It’s that simple!

We have a wide range of internationally renowned prestigious brands

We have managed to carry out all of our projects thanks to the fact we work with the main manufacturers of the international landscape : Cummins, Baudouin, Doosan, FG Wilson, KOFO, Mitsubishi or MTU.

If you are you thinking about buying a generator set, you have found the perfect place to do so. You just need to contact Agresa’s sales department by calling 93 877 20 20 or by filling in the form you will find on this website.

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To finish, if you want to take a look at all of our projects, you just need to click on the button that you will find below to access the sheet for each project, with all of the detailed information. Remember that opting for Agresa is opting for genuine energy professionals.

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