No matter how difficult it may be, there is no generator set installation that can resist us

At Agresa we carry out all types of generator set installations, offering suitable solutions designed for each project.

Our work consists of analysing the specific needs of each of our clients to find the ideal generator set, which adapts perfectly to both the location where it is to be installed and the business activity for which it is required.

Each project is analysed, assessed and developed according to its complexity, always trying to meet the dates agreed with the client.

Our extensive experience, as well as the long list of projects in which we have participated over the years, are the best guarantee for all our customers.

We have successfully carried out installations in all kinds of places, regardless of the limitations that have been presented to us: confined spaces, fishing boats, elevated from the ground, dismountable groups, in other continents, in mines, stations and communication towers

installation of generator sets
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Do you need an installation that does not emit large amounts of noise?

installation of generator sets

We also have silent generator sets, specially designed for hospitals, health centres, residences, or libraries.

We know that there are places where silence is golden and should be maintained, and we have installed a lot of equipment in places like these.

As you can see, no matter how difficult it may be, there is no installation that can resist us. You bring us the project, and we will make it happen. It’s as simple as that!

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We have a wide range of brands of international prestige

We have been able to carry out all these projects thanks to the fact that we work with the main international manufacturers: Cummins, Baudouin, Doosan, FG Wilson, KOFO, Mitshubishi or MTU. 

If you are thinking of buying a generator set, you have found the perfect place for it. All you have to do is contact Agresa’s sales department by calling 93 877 20 20 or filling in the form you will find on this web.

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installation of generator sets