Agresa’s services as a leading company in the Catalan energy sector

Are you looking for a company specialised in the repair and maintenance of generator sets?

If that’s what you need, you’ve come to the right place. At Agresa we offer you all types of services related to the maintenance of your generator set, as well as the possibility of carrying out load bank tests, to check the condition of your machine first-hand and that everything works like it should.

We also wanted to dedicate a section of the website to installations, since one of the strengths of our brand identity is that we are capable of carrying out the installation of a generator sent in any location, however challenging it might be. 

We will analyse the energy needs of your business activity, always in accordance with you, and we will provide the perfect solution and machine. You can be sure of that!

maintenance of generator sets, Agresa

Agresa’s services in relation to the maintenance of generator sets

Preventive maintenance of your generator set

Preventive maintenance consists of carrying out a series of tasks on your generator set, with the aim of identifying possible errors or faults, thereby preventing any setback during your period of activity and considerably extending the use life.

Corrective maintenance of your generator set

With the term corrective maintenance we are referring to all those tasks that must be carried out to repair or correct the possible failures, faults or errors that your generator set may have. We will analyse it in detail until we come up with the ideal solution for your generator set. We have a team of highly qualified technicians and professionals and with a genuine passion for the energy sector.

Load bank tests to check that everything is working correctly

If, at any time, you need to check that your generator set is working correctly, the ideal thing is to contact a company like ours, so we can carry out checks with a load bank. 

With these tests, the components of your machine can be analysed in real time, to determine the corrective maintenance tasks that should be carried out afterwards.

maintenance of generator sets, Agresa

We install your generator set no matter how challenging it might be

At Agresa we analyse, evaluate and develop each project according to its complexity, bearing in mind the specific needs of each customer. Throughout the years, we have had to adapt ourselves to work in spaces above the floor, basements, locations outside of urban centres, small spaces…

Contact us for any questions related to the maintenance of your generator set

If you have a query about any of our services, you just need to contact us through the contact form on this website, calling us by telephone on 93 877 20 20, or sending us an email to the address You can also come and visit us!

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