MTU generator sets: reliable and affordable energy generation solutions in equal measure

The MTU series 1600, 2000 and 4000 offer energy efficient engines and generator sets with long service intervals, always complying with the regulations on noise and emissions of polluting gases. It is a fact that the company has been strongly committed, over the last few years, to launching machines onto the market which meet the highest environmental standards on the one hand, and on the other, offer an optimum performance during their periods of activity. Due to their compact structure and design, MTU generator sets work without any issues and a minimum amount of vibration. Their excellent features make them extremely versatile and ideal for use in sensitive environments, as well as in extreme conditions.

MTU generator sets: the power you need designed to cope with the most demanding applications

The design of the MTU generator sets enables an extraordinary load acceptance capacity. This means that the unit can quickly supply the power required for the most demanding applications. A generator set which is easy to maintain, which will reduce the downtime to the bare minimum, with the benefits that this brings for any company.

Besides this, it has a low fuel consumption, as well as low maintenance costs. This contributes to reducing the cost of the life cycle meaning that the fact of choosing  MTU Onsite Energy is a winning choice and highly profitable.

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