The importance of having a reliable power system in companies is essential to guarantee their uninterrupted operation. The Bonpreu Esclat hypermarket chain, aware of this need, decided to install a 1000Kva generator set in its logistics centre, in collaboration with Agresa, a leading company in the sale and installation of generator sets.

The new Agresa generator set, which was installed in Bonpreu Esclat’s logistics centre in 2022, is a highly efficient model with low fuel consumption. It is also equipped with the most advanced technology in terms of control and monitoring, which will allow the plant operators to have complete control of the power system and detect any possible faults in real time.

Bonpreu Esclat’s logistics centre, which distributes products to more than 300 shops throughout Spain, benefits greatly from this installation, as it guarantees the power supply even in the event of a power failure. This means that there will be no interruptions in the supply chain, which is crucial to ensure that products reach the shops in a timely manner.

instalación grupo electrógeno en el túnel Renfe

Furthermore, the installation of this generator set is a further step in Bonpreu Esclat’s strategy of sustainability and respect for the environment. By using a more efficient energy system with lower consumption, emissions of polluting gases will be reduced, which will translate into a reduction of the company’s environmental impact.

The installation of this high-powered generator set also demonstrates Bonpreu Esclat’s commitment to the continuous improvement of its processes and the optimisation of its management systems. Investment in cutting-edge technology, such as that offered by Agresa, allows the company to have a highly reliable and robust power system, which translates into greater efficiency and productivity in its daily operations.

Finally, it is important to note that Agresa’s choice of Agresa as the supplier of the generator set is due to its extensive experience and knowledge in the power generation sector. The company has a long history in the manufacture and sale of generator sets, which guarantees the quality and reliability of the product installed in the Bonpreu Esclat logistics centre. In addition, its commitment to innovation and continuous improvement allows us to always be at the forefront in terms of technology and energy solutions.

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