Project Description

Generating set installation in fishing boat thanks to Agresa Grupos electrógenos.

The generating set installation on a fishing boat has been one of the most interesting and fun installations that the Agresa team has led due to the challenges it posed and its difficult solution.

The professionals at Agresa Grupos electrógenos were commissioned to install a generating set on a fishing boat that was to sail and be at sea between 3 and 7 days. The reason they needed the generator was to keep the bait they would use frozen during the days they were away. The amount of bait to transport and maintain was considerable, as well as its cost, which is why they could not risk leaving without ensuring its cold maintenance.

Another factor that made it necessary to install the generating set on board was that the chambers kept the fish fresh, at the optimum temperature, so that the fish arrived at port in the best possible conditions.

generator set installation in a fishing boat

Finally, they wanted to make sure the hook collection system worked. To do this, they had to have an electric supply that provided their 220Vac, necessary for their operation.

One of the most relevant factors of the project and that mattered most to Agresa’s professionals is the seasonality of the fishermen’s work (4 months a year).

How was the generator set installation in a boat carried out??

After analysing the real needs of the clients and their work, as well as the environment where the installation should be carried out, the Agresa professionals decided to install two generating sets. The objective was to ensure the maximum possible reliability of the supplies.

generator set installation in a fishing boat

This decision involved having to perform a detailed analysis of the space, taking into account the saturation of bilge spaces. Thanks to the shipowner’s expertise, the  generating set installation on the ship was carried out quickly and the bilge performance was optimised to the maximum.

Other technical adaptations during the generator set installation on board a ship 

In order to increase reliability, a double group-switched starting system was provided, which ensured that, in the event of a failure of one of the controls, the group could continue to work with the other controller.

Between the periodic revisions, the maintenance of the owner and an efficient installation, this system has been working for more than 12 years without voltage or power failures, returning to port, after each departure, the fish in optimal conditions and without any loss since the installation.

The Agresa Generator Groups team is particularly grateful and proud to have participated in this project where, apart from a job well done, a good friendship was forged.