Generator set installation in confined spaces, one of Agresa’s specialties. A project for the City Hall of Igualada.

Agresa offers sales, installation and maintenance services for generating sets adapted to the characteristics of the context and the real needs of the client.

The generating set installation in confined spaces is one of the brand’s specialities. On this occasion, the Agresa team had the challenge of installing a gas conduction in a reduced space, a fact that entails a certain complexity.

Generator set installation in confined spaces

Context. Definition of the situation of the installation in the City Hall of Igualada 

The space was so small that it made the group extremely close to the edge, thus generating an inherent potential hazard as there was a serious possibility of the cement supporting it falling or crumbling.

The result could be great damage to the equipment and surroundings, with the consequent unforeseen cost to the company, both economically and energetically.

Generator set installation in confined spaces

The group was placed where it was due to the imperative need for access by the hidden face of the group adjacent to the wall.

Agresa solutions for the generator set installation  in confined spaces 

In order to reduce risks and optimize space, the Agresa team placed load distribution plates at the base of the generating set, thus distributing the load and ensuring the stability of the equipment.

The only special adaptation that had to be made was that of the exhaust duct in its final section. The objective of this adaptation was to avoid the entrance of water and that nobody could saturate it voluntarily.

It was also thermally insulated, with homologated stainless steel material, which is what corresponds to this type of situations and needs.

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Generator set installation in confined spaces