Project Description

Agresa intervened in this special project for Abertis, one of the most important companies in the audiovisual communications sector, with the particularity of being in an area where and especially can not generate noise pollution, demanding a value of 54db to 7m.

The generator set had to have a minimum autonomy of 48 h.

The condition of a specific remote control system, designed by Agresa Grupos electrógenos and approved by the property, as well as an extremely short delivery period, was also on the list.

In order to achieve the proposed objectives, our design department immediately went to work with different formats looking for the best option, then the client decided on a standard 20 “container format with an especially careful execution for the acoustic treatment.

During the execution of the project and with the collaboration of the team participating in the project, some improvements were made, in which the operation was assured at 110% of the group’s capacity at 50º of ambient temperature.

Later and during the first tests, the team of Agresa Grupos Electrógenos observed that the proposed objectives had been achieved with great success and, once they were successfully carried out, they were carried out again, this time with the property, leaving them satisfied with the work done by the team of Agresa.

For our part, in Agresa Grupos Electrógenos, we feel particular pride and satisfaction, being motivated for later challenges.

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