Project Description

Another very rewarding project on a technical level for Agresa and on a professional level due to our client’s satisfaction with the end result and that was at the campsite- Camping Parc Playa Barà. The challenge in this project was to locate 580kVa parallel generator sets in a very specific place.

To start with, we planned the work to be carried out down to the minutest detail. A rental set was installed on a temporary basis so that the old generator could be removed from its location, and also to make room for the two new sets.

After that, a new switchgear was installed and was left in use. A rental generator was set up and the old set was removed. Then, the generator room was extended and the new sets were installed. After that, the electrical, mechanical and soundproofing installations were made to eliminate noise levels outside the room because this installation is located just 5m away from the campsite’s customers.

Both the air vent and the gas inlet and outlet systems were designed in such a way that they were completely silent.  We achieved all of the objectives required to completely this successfully.