Project Description

We started this project by solving a problem that the Collserola Tower had, namely that it made so much noise that the neighbours filed a report on this property which meant that it could not be used and tests on it could not be carried out. To solve this problem, we installed new gas outlets with silencers that had a noise-reduction effect of 40 Db. This effectively eliminated the problem.

Later on, an overheating was detected in one of the alternators in the Collserola Tower. We had to provide technical assistance to get it working again. Due to this technical issue and to a restructuring of the electrical supply system, we replaced the generator sets. We did it with double power ones, which were equipped with a 2200kVa Perkins engine.

Furthermore, we also replaced the daily deposits for ones with a greater capacity. This significantly increases the margin of time available to take action in the case of power failures thanks to the deposits’ automatic filling system.

Additionally, the general deposit was also replaced with a larger one. In order to adjust to the working of these new generator sets in the Collserola Tower.

Another of the most important features of this project was that we installed an electric control cabinet for the four sets. Each one was digitized with new controls and a touch screen to unify the system.

In the new installation, we also fitted silencers with a noise-reduction effect of 35dB followed by 15dB, to eliminate exhaust noise completely.

In order to improve the temperature control system and to eliminate the transmission of noise generated in the air-cooling inlet and outlet ducts, a remote cooling system was made by placing exchangers in the generator room and by installing a cooling system on the roof of the generator room. This eliminated all possible sound.

This project was carried out in different stages, and is one that was finalised when the two sets had been replaced in their entirety.




Torre Collserola