Project Description

Detachable access doors: a perfect solution to space problems

What do we mean by detachable access doors?

Today we want to recommend detachable access doors. Imagine that you have a single space in which to place your generator, but there is not enough space to open the doors where you can make the relevant safety checks for its proper functioning.

In that case, we have three options: look for a larger space (which we do not have), decide to buy a smaller generator that does not meet our expectations, or spend a lot of money to install a soundproofing system made to measure where the doors are removable.

What does Agresa propose?

Detachable access doors

Agresa offers you the perfect solution. Our detachable doors for generator sets that need it. Of all the possible options, it is perhaps the most practical, economical and quickest.  Among other factors, it allows to maintain the homologated soundproofing level; the technical sheet without appreciable modifications; the delivery time without modifications; the structure of the same group, allowing to order standard spare parts; or to maintain the integral characteristics of refrigeration and gas conduction without having to resort to complex calculations to certify the performance of the equipment.

Is installing detachable doors expensive?

Detachable access doors

Deciding on detachable doors is very easy. We only need to make a small modification to the generator set. This does not mean a big increase in costs and will solve the problem at its root. Sometimes it is only necessary to dedicate time and imagination to look for the best possible solution for your group. At Agresa we are specialist of that. Tell us about your problem and we will find a way to solve it, adapting to your needs and your pocket. The only thing that matters to us is that your satisfaction is complete. Trust us and we will not let you down.