El Periódico is a Spanish national newspaper. This project involved the installation of three 1500kVa generator sets which were coupled in parallel to provide a total power of 4500kVa, and which were also coupled in parallel to the power mains.

This project came to us because the client’s need was to ensure the correct functioning of the set in parallel, with equipment that provided no human way possible that allowed it stay in operation with the original controllers.

Once it was verified that the operation required by the client was not viable, Agresa studied their case and subsequently provided a budget indicating modifications to be made in the system. In this case, the set’s control elements and control switches had to be replaced.

One of the challenges of this project was that no more than one set could be inoperative at any given time, because it was vital that the presses continued to function without the use of rental generators.

Another challenge lay in adapting the existing sets to the current control system.

For this project, the digital control equipment we chose was DEIF due to its proven reliability.

There were some delays in running tests and in having the generator set ready for definitive operation. These delays were due to fact that the system remained in operation, and only short limited times and windows were made available to us to carry out tests. These were just some of the challenges.

Work on this project was a resounding success, and Agresa can enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done.




El Periódico

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