One of the projects that our company carried out for FEDA was to install a 900kVa set in a soundproof container that would always be placed on top of a truck.

Due to the location of the set, the control system was moved to the lower part of the equipment so that all operations could be performed at ground level.

Because this set was custom-built for our client, the electrical connections were made with a super-fast connection system, and space was made for cables in the interior. It was equipped with a fuel tank that can take over 1000L as well as fast fuel connections from outside the container.

The biggest challenge was to reduce the weight of the set because the truck on which it was placed can only carry a maximum load of 9,800kg. This was challenging as a set that size in a container is usually much heavier, and the client had also specified a minimum of 800kVa.

It was very interesting to analyse the different approaches to completing this project which required lighter materials and a total weight with liquids that did not exceed 9000kg.