Project Description

One more job we have completed: the installation of a generator in Bonpreu.

Agresa Grupos Electrógenos has spent many years dedicating itself to supplying this type of electric generator throughout Catalonia. With this small slider, you can see how one of our machines is, once the entire installation is finished.

The fuel tank is double-walled. It has a range of about 20 hours, with copper pipes and cut-off taps in the suction. In the pictures, you can see how the connection to the diesel engine is made, with flexible hoses, to avoid vibrations through the flexible connection between the engine and the ducts.

Generator SET

Generator SET

These ducts have some outlet conduits, that they are oriented towards to the leeward zone, and cut at 45º to avoid the entry of water. In addition, they have an anti-bird gate for greater protection and care.

Another of its most outstanding features is that it has a small conduction between the radiator and the wall where the air exit grille is, to avoid problems of overheating in the engine.

The control cabinet of the group, as the switch cabinet too, the batteries and the heating resistance, are subject to the bench, and manages to isolate all the parts of the vibrations of the engine.

A simple, practical, confortable and durable generator. The tasks of maintenance and all reparations are very simple and will not take many time

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