Project Description

In this project what was required was the installation of a 900 KVA generator set, soundproof, with a range for several days. 

The Alcampo project in Sant Arià consisted of installing a soundproof generator with autonomy for several days.

Unlike in other installations of a generator for other customers, this project did not require special or very complicated conditions. The objective was to carry out a turnkey project. In this project, Agresa Generators assumed the entire process to be carried out. We are responsible for the previous evaluation until its installation in the final space.

The project was initiated, before approval of the budget, by conducting a survey of the site specified by the client. The Agresa team reviewed the specific space requirements needed to design the complete installation offer. In the review, the real possibilities of the installation were also verified.

grupo electrógeno agresa

Phases of the project:

Once the commercial offer was accepted, we proceeded to request the necessary materials to be able to start working on the project. The objective? meet the agreed deadlines and offer optimal results.

With the collection made, we started to download and locate the different components (900 kVA soundproof generator and its fuel tank).

Next, work began on the installation of the fuel system between the group and the fuel tank. One of the most important steps was the verification of the tightness of the tank. This process consists of filling the tank and implementing different tests of operation.

Subsequently, it began to perform the electrical installation of the generator set to the switch cabinet and the different electrical maneuvers between the different elements.

A protection and security fence was built to avoid potential incidents with the fuel tank.

Finally, all the equipment was commissioned and the necessary technical tests were carried out to ensure the proper functioning of the installation.

Once the Agresa team verified the proper functioning of the entire team, they proceeded to deliver the regulatory and legal documentation of all the different components so that our client could carry out the legal procedures of the installation.