Ghana Desalination Plant

The Nungua desalination project in Ghana was very interesting; it comprised a single 660kVa set with a Doosan engine. This set was equipped to send all information remotely, which means it can be controlled from anywhere in the world.

Due to the generator set’s final location, in a place where resources are limited, it was vital that we supplied all necessary spare parts so that the set could work for many days and without running into problems. Another interesting feature of this project was that real tests on the whole system were carried out on Agresa’s premises. We had to anticipate causes of potential stoppages by alarms and even potential causes of faults or breakdowns. Once we detected a weakness, we solved it to prevent any contingency.

As a result of these tests on Agresa’s premises, when our technical staff travelled to the final destination to start-up the generator, there were no unexpected problems.




Nungua dealination project