With this project we want to emphasize the technical difficulties that we find when placing some of our equipment in the final destinations.

Difficulties of installing the project’s generator set.

When one of our customers requests us to install generators, we must take into account many factors in the process. Sometimes it is easy for us because the general conditions (location, size of the generator, the timming …) are good.

On other occasions, the projects complicate us. This is the case of the one that concerns us.

Complications of this project

  • In this project, a large tonnage crane was necessary for the location of this equipment. The access to the site where the generator was to be installed was very fair.
  • The size of the generator set and the measures of the same forced us to move the equipment 90º and, in addition, to move it some meter without being able to use tools of elevation or throw like the crane.
  • The installation of the generator was conditioned by the adjacent works that were to be carried out in the area. This planning of several constructions forced us to work with a limited and just time.

Due to the characteristics of the project, a truck, a crane and special elements of heavy machinery drag were necessary.En este proyecto fue necesaria una grúa de gran tonelaje para la ubicación de este equipo.


Every project managed by Agresa Grupos Electrógenos, has a team of professionals with more than 20 years of experience behind. This means that the experience and knowledge acquired over time play in our favor when it comes to managing the management of any type of generator. In this specific case, the process was as follows:

To begin with, a pre-site displacement was made. The objective was to observe and take the necessary real measures, both the location of the team and the different participating elements.

Later, in the offices and with all the information, each one of the steps to be carried out was planned to leave the generator set in the place desired by the client.

Once the feasibility was seen, the different elements in the work were cited to start with the installation of generators taking into account the study and previous recommendations.

Start of the installation of complicated generator sets

The crane is located, the area is cleared and signaled to avoid accidents, the measurements are verified and the group is started with the elevation elements, then the generating set is lifted up to the entrance of the generator set room . The entrance mouth does not stop being the wall that has to go parallel to the group.

The group is left resting on the cement base of the side entrance. The fastenings of that same part are released and tanks are added at the base of the group that touches the entrance. Subsequently, the hook of the crane moves more towards the wall, getting an introduction of the equipment to the point that it can be released completely from the crane.

The group is raised by this last part and they put more tanks. Previously we will have marked on the floor a large capacity fastener and, between the point and another of the machine, put a mechanical traction device with gear (tractel).

After making the necessary tractions of different points and once the generator is located in the definitive place, the location is terminated, with success.




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