Project Description

Another generator set installed without complications…

We are pleased to inform you of a new project that we have recently completed. It was a question of locating and installing a 275 KVA generator in a company in the food sector, in a town located on the outskirts of Granollers.

A project of this type should always start in the same way, calculating the power of the group and other needs of the installation to have it all controlled when it came time to start working.

275 KVA Generator Set

What did we consider when designing the generator set installation?

We decided on a higher power than the customer needed at the moment, but it was made thinking about the electric growth of the company over the next few years. On the other hand, one of the most important things to consider in an installation so close to other ships is noise.

The client opted for a soundproof group to not cause any inconvenience to anyone. In addition, the chosen model has insulating panels on the walls that increase and improve the soundproofing system of the equipment.

To avoid vibrations, we put spring insulators between the bench and the concrete structure. One of the factors that cost us the most in terms of design was to get all the equipment in its final location.

As you can see from the enclosed photographs, the street did not allow the installation of a large crane and the inlet hole was only 40 cm higher than the total height of the generator.

275 KVA Generator Set

How did we do it to fit it into its final location?

In order to leave it in the final destination, it was lifted with the crane until it could enter a not very large part of the group in the room, leaving it on some platforms (equipment of transfer for heavy loads).

Then a ring was clamped on the floor to be able to drag the group into the room, but only necessary to be able to untie the front fixings that kept it attached to the crane. Then they became more platforms in the back of the group, continued pulling it to the inside of the room and untied the last two joints between the group and the crane. And ready!

To finish, in the same way that has been entered, the group was moved to the final location and once there, by means of hydraulic jacks, the platforms were replaced by the spring dampers.

275 KVA Generator Set