Project Description

What did the Bellpuig residence project consist of?

This is a project commissioned by the Department of Treball, Afers socials i families Of the Generalitat de Catalunya. It was a question of installing a generator in the residence Bellpuig, in Lleida. We talked about a turnkey contract, where we had to take care of all the corresponding work to finish the work from start to finish. This type of project obliges the contracted company to take responsibility for all the stages of the process. From the initial stages to the end with the installation of the Genset: civil work, transport, discharge, location, electrical installation, legalization and testing of the equipment.

The initial phases of the generator set installation

We made a previous study to see what kind of installation we had to choose. In line with the client, we decided which one was best suited to your needs. In this case, a part of the installation (100KVA) of a total of more than double is commuted.

With the objective in mind of reducing the costs of the installation, different performances were carried out. The most notable of them was the important saving of cabling that we got. We did this by switching the total power to the side of the circuit breaker output of the general installation rush, instead of putting it at 80 m from the group location, as we have done on other occasions.

How did we do it and what did we consider?

As the electrical load of the switching of the group is higher than that which had the equipment factory, we installed in some magnetothermal a coil of minimum tension, which makes disconnect the electrical loads of excess when the voltage of the electrical company falls.