Project Description

Testing for special generator sets: generator sets in mines.

Sometimes it is necessary to carry out tests with a charge bank Agresa to special generators, as the case in question.

A group located in a mine where the work tensions are different from the usual ones requires a personalized treatment based on real needs, both the group and the mine and its operation. The environment that surrounds it, the climatology are both factors that affect its operation, therefore, it is necessary to plan exactly the time of group service, because due to the complexity of the installation to be carried out, it is necessary more than usually.

The voltage of the equipment in the case in question is 550 Vac. In order to carry out the group tests, a transformer of the same group power must be interleaved, cable runs from the group to the transformer and, also, from the transformer to the load bank.

In this way and thanks to the advantages of the Agresa test bank, it was possible to prove the group that was registering a series of incidents in its normal operation and affecting the activity of the company, corrective results were obtained thanks to the Agresa system and its subsequent implementation. Thanks to these changes, the result is obtaining a fully operational generator set and in an optimal state.

It is basic and very important that the appropriate tests are carried out on the generators and their annual maintenance, especially in those that are essential, but also for those that have not done power tests for a long time.

It is essential that you know that groups can perform at full power.

In the case of this mine, after the intervention of the specialized and highly trained team of Agresa Power Generators as well as the Agresa Test Bank, the incidents detected until now ceased and the generator set was optimized so that it did not register any type of problem.





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