Project Description

This project stems from the client’s fundamental need to have a guaranteed continuous electrical supply in order to broadcast world motorcycling championship races.

These are the conditions that were required for this project:

  • Capacity to run autonomously for a minimum of 18 hours. Agresa achieved a capacity to run autonomously for over 80 hours, more than satisfying the client’s expectations and providing a guaranteed service. After studying different options, we chose to place two sets coupled in parallel with over double the required power capacity. To optimize control and monitoring the system was controlled remotely.
  • Maximum length of 20.  This goal was achieved by integrating all the necessary elements of the equipment into the container without exceeding the measurements.
  • Noise levels below 61dB at 4m. This was a challenge that Agresa overcame despite some difficulties.

It goes without saying that a complex project such as this one would not have been possible without the tireless work and dedication of our technical team at Agresa.




Moto GP

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