Project Description

The corrective maintenance of the generating sets of companies is an economical and effective solution if you do not want to buy new equipment.

Agresa Grupos Electrógenos, with more than 2 years of experience in the sector and with a team of trusted professionals, we usually work in different types of projects among which are the corrective maintenance of the generator sets of our customers.

The case of Mútua de Terrassa is one of the most common. The project looked for the revision and restoration by means of the corrective maintenance of some generators that, with the passage of time, had become outdated.

The solution went through, or bine to replace the equipment or update them safely.

mantenimiento correctivo

Corrective maintenance of generators

This last option was the most viable in terms of costs if it was done safely and correctly.

The process had the following phases:

First, carry out tests with a load bank. Thus, we made sure that the groups that were part of the team responded well to the electric charge tests.

Subsequently, and after having made the necessary corrective measures, the new electrical panels were designed. These allow, among many other things, to perform the steps in the installation to minimize the impacts of voltage failures in the network.

The benefits were multiple:

  • Have a complete local or remote information.
  • Understanding a complex operation through an easy-to-read touch screen
  • Obtain a faster and safer parallel coupling control system (the coupling time in parallel between groups is reduced by 50%). The electrical cabinets have practically half of the elements that the previous one (easier for the technical service).
  • Remote diagnosis of all systems, plus an infinity of alarms that simplify the life of maintenance personnel.
  • Control of fuel level at a distance, knowing at all times the autonomy available in real time of the generator sets.
  • All this with a reduced cost and with the same operation of new facilities.

Once the Agresa team verified the correct functioning of all the equipment, we proceeded to deliver the regulatory and legal documentation of all the different components so that our client could carry out the necessary legal procedures of the installation.




Mútua Terrassa