Project Description

A project of the singular and interesting because of the complexity of the securities specified by the client and that we fulfill with accuracy.

In the refineries and more in this do not accept any manufacturer or assembler of groups, and having to FG. Wilson as a manufacturer and Agresa as installer and maintainer, this project was achieved.

It was not a large installation, it was a soundproof group of 700KVA of extremely critical use in the BP Castellón de la Plana refinery, where the lack of energy could have very serious consequences.

In order to achieve that the equipment did not fail, a double starting system was installed, which in the absence of the first started the second one, this time with a fully independent air starting system.

Coupling in parallel to the network return or at the request of the client (very useful in case of storm forecast).

Remote management system for the control of the equipment and direct warning of alarms.

Maintenance contract with several visits, to minimize the chances of failure.