Project Description

In this special project a series of essential elements was required by RTVE so that the generator could operate at full capacity in a particularly sensitive area of ​​Madrid for noise, work complicated if we take into account the power of the equipment 2.200Kva.

This equipment was of vital importance for RTVE since it was located in the famous PIRULI of Madrid and in the absence of power from the electric company, practically, Madrid was left without most communications.

Due to all this we had to be able to carry out a group design to be able to transport it to its final destination without having to be very complex to travel and complying with a noise specification for a team of these characteristics that is very difficult to comply with.

In addition, it had to be designed thinking that, in the final location, both the entrance and the exit of air to the container as the outputs of engine gases had to be oriented towards the part of the farm that had less impact of noise. Everyone knows that, even if the regulations are met, if noise nuisances occur, consequently the complaints and the stoppage of the equipment begin.

In order to achieve the desired level, the cooling system was replaced by an independent one with a significantly lower noise coefficient, reducing the cooling inputs and outputs of the equipment by 80% and reducing noise in proportion.

The attenuation silencers to 42Db installed in the equipment were not put inside it due to the large space they occupy.

With all the added difficulties in terms of dimensions necessary for the operation of the group could be put in a special container of 40 “, that with a special measure in terms of width is concerned, having to request permission for circulation in the capital.