Project Description

Installation of sound-proofed generator sets to ensure a constant and reliable flow of energy

SOMIC CEMENTERA, became another satisfied customer after the installation of sound-proofed generators in its enclosure.

If the cement sector is characterized by something, it is due to its absolute necessity of energy supply.

As in other sectors, the cement companies depend on machinery that must be constantly maintained throughout the day. This is due to the production needs of both the cement itself and its application.

As you will know, the cement is a conglomerate formed from a mixture of limestone and clay calcined and then ground, which has the property of hardening-after contact with the water.

The resulting product of the milling of these rocks becomes cement when a small amount of plaster is added to avoid the contraction of the mixture when falling asleep when water is added to it and when hardening it later.

Mixed with petris aggregates (gravel and sand) and water, it creates a uniform, malleable and plastic mixture that forges and hardens, acquiring stone consistency, called concrete.

What was the order for Agresa?

instalación de grupos electrógenos

For the development of this process requires that the machinery used not stop under any circumstances.

For this reason, from SOMIC CEMENTERA we were commissioned to install 2 generators that will help ensure the energy supply of the company.

The AGRESA Generator sets team  chose two 110KVA sound-proofed Cummins generator sets to install them.

The Agresa solution. Why was it decided to carry out the installation of Cummins generator sets?  

instalación de grupos electrógenos

There were several reasons why this brand was chosen; The most important is the theoretical reliability offered by the brand, proven on multiple occasions. In addition, mechanical switching was chosen, thus avoiding complex parallel coupling systems that also require specialized maintenance.

The advantages of this simple option are multiple and we highlight some:

  • It has a much cheaper cost to have only two standard groups, without complex systems neither mechanical nor electronic.
  • Easy to move because you only have to dismantle the power cables and load them when transporting.
  • The robustness of a standard system designed to have a very long lifespan.
  • Being a standard series group, it has access to spare parts more quickly than in a complex system made to measure.
  • Ease of access to repairs of standard equipment by less specialized personnel.

In short, this client decided on a simple and simple system instead of an automated and complex system. The choice is not easy at times, but since Agresa Generator sets we try at all times to keep in mind what is the purpose of the installation of the generators that we propose or select our customers.

If you need advice for your company, center or facility, do not hesitate to contact the team of Agresa Generator Sets. We have more than 20 years of experience in the installation of generator sets, corrective and preventive maintenance.