Project Description

Another interesting project and installation that we are proud of is one we carried out in the well-known Planeta building in Barcelona, where we had to install an 825KVa set.

This project involved installing an 825KVa generator set with parallel coupling to the power supply, as well as soundproofing the room. First of all, we had to empty the room where the new set was going to be located. This involved removing two old 600kVa sets and their entire cooling and exhaust systems.
The challenge was to remove the old sets and load them into a truck. These sets were located at 4 levels below ground level and access to them was extremely narrow with limited dimensions. Therefore, we had to remove the sets horizontally to a courtyard, where they were then placed in an upright position. In order to prevent damage to the diesel engines, the engine’s liquids were emptied. This work was planned in detail due to the risk of accident or breakage of any of the sets’ parts.

Once the set was upright, the load was secured and with the help of guide wires, the sets were lifted by turning them at different stages to manoeuvre them through the restricted space. Once the sets were outside, they were placed on a platform to settle and then in a horizontal position.

Once the sets and their different parts were removed from the building, this manoeuver was repeated the other way around in order to install the new sets. We gave this job our greatest time and care as protecting the new equipment was our priority.

Once the sets had settled in their final location and once the mechanical and electrical installations had been carried out, we started up the sets and left them in operation and in optimal conditions.




Grupo Planeta