When Valencia Airport was being remodelled, Agresa played an important role in both the development and the implementation of the emergency power supply service project.

We did some improvements at the Valencia Airport. Agresa installed three generator sets with Cummins motors each with a 2500kVA unit power. The generator sets have an output voltage of 6000V, thus avoiding unnecessary voltage drops and wiring costs. The three sets were coupled in parallel to each other and in parallel to the network. This eliminates the risk of zero-voltage when the main power supply returns.

All of the generators were equipped with anti-seismic shock absorbers to avoid additional potential hazards. The gas outlet pipes supports are highly resistant. The control cabinets were equipped with premium brand DEIF controllers, as well as a touch screen for each machine and a common control system. Double the required space was reserved in anticipation of future needs and for safe redundancy. The system has been designed so that the generator sets take on the electric load efficiently and with maximum reliability at the Valencia Airport.




Aeropuerto de Valencia