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Project Description

Africa, an acceptable challenge for Agresa Generator sets.

This project is one of those that make this work interesting and fun. Not only because of its peculiarities, but also because of the challenge it was for Agresa Generator sets.

The objective of the project was to install two groups of 1100 kVA in 20 “containers, including: soundproofing and electrical elements, fuel tank and, all at the lowest possible cost.

Needless to add that one of the maxims as a company used to working in international environments and adhoc projects, all the movements that were made and managed by the Agresa team were in favor of maintaining the guidelines of the buyer and getting a correct and effective final implementation.


One of the most difficult points to develop was the design of the equipment. We had to think about its final location and the context and environmental conditions that there would be. Temperature and humidity were two key factors to consider. This phase of the project is what got a lot of attention and dedication on the part of the team when having to think about center-Africa.

Finally, the designs obtained, thanks to their simplicity and efficiency, allowed to install inside the containers:

  • Air intake traps such as noise reduction in the cooling air intake,
  • Filters of attenuation of air output of 30 Db evolved with smaller dimensions.
  • Silent exhaust 36Db attenuation inside the container, with front output reducing the back pressure of gas output and optimizing the output section.
  • Fuel tank carrying out the task of supporting cooling air outlet filters with a capacity of 800l.
  • Installation of motorized switch of the total of the power of the groups in the interior.
  • Insulation to the outside with the doors of the container that are closed when not used preventing the start in case of being closed or semi-closed.
  • For more information about this or other projects, do not hesitate to contact us.

For more information about this or other projects, do not hesitate to contact us.





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