An app designed for remote control of a generator set with a long list of features

Remote control of generator sets, Agresa

Manage your generator set from any mobile device or computer in a simple, fast and economical way, with this exceptional application that we would like to propose you from Agresa. Basically, it is a software that sends all types of data through the network to your mobile device, so that you can control the operation of the equipment in real time, manage incidents, stop alarms or anticipate any setbacks that may arise. All this, comfortably from your home, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Remote control of generator sets, Agresa

Thanks to new technologies, and more specifically, to applications such as the one we are presenting today, a great step has been taken in terms of remote management of generating sets. On the one hand, it has become a much simpler and cheaper process, and on the other, it has been demonstrated that it is a system with a high degree of reliability.

Remote control of generator sets, Agresa

Advantages and strengths of this application for remote control of generating sets

  • You can set up custom alarms and warnings to solve problems before they become emergencies.

  • You will be able to remotely reset the entire system easily and quickly.

  • You can remotely test your entire system and your genset.

  • You can reduce and increase the time and speed of the team’s work in real time.

  • Have full control of your generator set on your phone.

  • You will forget about unnecessary visits and reduce the time involved in certain maintenance tasks.

  • It will reduce service costs.

  • You will have everything monitored, it is important to mention that the application has its own database with the history of all the activity time of the group.

  • On top of that, it offers the possibility of monitoring third party equipment at the same time.

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Como expertos en instalaciones de grupos electrógenos en lugares complicados y alejados de los núcleos de población, le podemos asegurar que esta es una app tremendamente útil ante una larga lista de situaciones. Muchas veces, cuando surge la emergencia, es muy habitual que los dueños de la instalación o el equipo no se encuentren cerca, y eso reduce al mínimo la capacidad de reacción ante la avería. Con esta aplicación, todo eso se terminó. Desde Agresa creemos que puede facilitar mucho la gestión de todo tipo de grupos en hospitales, grandes obras, minas en plena naturaleza, torres de control, centrales hidroeléctricas… En cualquier caso, es algo que debemos poner en valor y que consideramos, humildemente, que usted también debería hacerlo.

As experts in installing generators in complicated locations far from population centres, we can assure you that this is a tremendously useful app for a long list of situations. Many times, when the emergency arises, it is very common that the owners of the installation or the equipment are not nearby, and that reduces to a minimum the capacity to react to the breakdown. With this application, all that is over. At Agresa, we believe that it can greatly facilitate the management of all types of groups in hospitals, large construction sites, mines in the middle of nature, control towers, hydroelectric power stations... In any case, it is something that we must value and that we humbly believe that you should also do so.

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