Are you looking for a company specialized in the repair and maintenance of generator sets? Agresa is the answer. Our services range from preventive generator set maintenance solutions to corrective maintenance interventions for any type of generator set.

Agresa always offers the best answers adapted to each situation and client. We develop customised solutions and contracts for the repair of generator sets.

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In order to ensure the electricity supply and to avoid damage to machinery, the preventive maintenance of the generator sets and regular scheduled checks are essential. They always help to avoid in the generators later repairs.

The generator maintenance contracts that Agresa offers its customers allow them to keep their equipment in good working order. Discover the advantages and their possibilities: original spare parts, load banks, 24-hour/365-day service, diagnosis of your equipment with reports on measures to be taken, etc.

Preventive generator set maintenance


After preventive maintenance of the generator sets, a negative fault diagnosis report may appear. In this case, Agresa will draw up a budget with the assessment of the corrective to be carried out, with the aim of always keeping the equipment operational and in perfect working order. This way, the client will be able to assure the electrical supply and to avoid in the generators repairs for failures not prevented previously.

Corrective generator set maintenance


In Agresa we install generators offering appropriate solutions for each project. If you want to install a soundproof generator set or an open generator set, simple installations or more complex installations, from the conduction of exhaust gases to soundproofed rooms through fuel installations and various electrical installations, Agresa is the solution! A plan will be analyzed, assessed and developed according to its complexity; always trying to comply with the dates pre-established with the client.

Generator set installation


There are installations where it is not possible to carry out load switching tests or that the installed power has been changed or because we simply want to know before a real case occurs if the equipment we have is working correctly. In this case it is advisable to apply tests with a load bank to ensure the correct operation of the generating set. This service also allows to guarantee that the residues accumulated in the exhaust duct that obstruct the exit of gases and therefore the performance of the generator set by work to low performance of the engine.

I carried out the tests with a load bank, and I ensured a good operation and performance of the generating set.

load bank testing