Diesel generators for sale


In Agresa we have a wide range of diesel generators for sale to guarantee an optimal electrical supply to your installations and avoid power cuts.

In any installation where the cuts in the electrical supply are frequent or can suppose great risks, as in hospitals or factories of production, it is necessary to count on a reliable source of energy that will not fail in circumstances of extreme necessity.

At Agresa we offer you a wide range of diesel generator sets for sale to guarantee the generation of electricity in your installations, when there is a deficit or cuts in the supply of energy. From 28Kva to 2000Kva generators, you will find all the power you need in our catalogue.

Generator sets catalogue

Installation and maintenance of generating sets

In addition, we are specialists in the installation and maintenance of generators. With technical service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year we install your machinery offering personalized solutions and we make periodic revisions to guarantee a correct operation.

Sale of single-phase and three-phase diesel generator sets

If you want to buy generators in Agresa we have a wide range of models according to customer needs. On the one hand, you can find sale of single-phase diesel generators, designed for use with loads of lower performance electric motors, such as heating or lighting systems.

We also offer for sale three-phase generators, which include a more complex system to be used in generators of more power. Three-phase generators have the ability to supply up to a maximum of three sources of energy.

Diesel generators for sale

Sale of silent and soundproofed diesel generator sets

In our catalogue you will also find silent or soundproofed diesel generator sets. Although today, most generators are already manufactured to be as quiet as possible, at Agresa we care to guarantee the best products to our customers.

We have generators that generate the least noise to prevent noise pollution of your machinery.

Sale of Cummins, Kofo, Mitusbishi, FG Wilson and Doosan generating sets

At Agresa we have a wide range of diesel generator sets with different engines and powers to ensure the correct electrical supply. Find the one that best suits your requirements:

Diesel generators for sale