Installation of generator sets



At Agresa we carry the installation of generator sets, offering suitable solutions for each project.

Is your generator set too noisy? Are you looking for a large generating set installation for your business?

Agresa can offer simple or more complex installation of generator sets projects, according to the needs of each client. It is analysed, assessed and developed according to its complexity, always trying to meet the deadlines.

We have a qualified technical staff that facilitates the development of difficult projects, previously studied and developed to measure.

Installation of generating sets: Cummins, Kofo, Mitusbishi, FG Wilson and Doosan

Agresa’s professional team has experience in the installation of generator sets for projects of different characteristics and needs. Before starting, we always do a preliminary work of the space and its requirements, to offer the client the generating set that best suits their situation.

Over the years, at Agresa we have installed generators from different companies:

  • Edificio Editorial planeta: Installation of an 825Kva generator set with parallel coupling to the return of the network and soundproofed in the room.
  • El Periódico: Installation of three 1500kva generator sets coupled in parallel to each other to supply a total power of 4500kva.
  • Camping Park Playa Barà: Installation of 580Kva parallel generators in a very special site.
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Installation of soundproofed or silent generator sets

At Agresa we are also backed by many projects where we have installed soundproofed or silent generator sets, with the highest market demands and the most adapted engines of the moment. Also, without them making noise to improve the working environment or the sound of the company.

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  • Collserola Tower: The neighbours denounced the property of the Collserola Tower because of the noise of the equipment. Agresa solved the problem with a new gas outlet installation with 40 Db attenuation silencers.
  • FEDA: Installation of a 900KvA generating set in FEDA in a soundproof container, located on top of a truck. Made to measure so that the client can monitor it from the ground.
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