Load Bank Testing 



Do you want to check that your generator set is working properly? It’s been a long time since you started your equipment’s engine and you don’t know how long it’s going to last? Agresa offers the service of load bank testing to ensure the performance of your generator set in any circumstance.

In installations where it is not possible to carry out load switching tests, it is advisable to apply loads to check the correct functioning of the generator set, as well as to guarantee that no residues are formed in the injection and exhaust circuits due to work at low engine performance.

Emergency generating sets, which are usually started periodically, or groups that work with very little load, are not subjected to a periodic effort. These residues cause the engine performance to decrease or even cause breakdowns. By applying the load banks touching the power limit of the generating set, all these remains are burned and the engine is kept in optimum conditions to ensure operation and good performance.

Load bank testing to ensure the performance of your generator set

With the load bank testing you can guarantee that the group will give the load, ensuring its performance and giving the peace of mind that is expected.

The necessary load impacts can also be carried out in order to know the maximum impact that the generating set can resist. And, last but not least, with the load bank you can determine with great accuracy the corrective maintenance to be carried out, if necessary.

At the end of the load bank test, the Agresa team will make a report with the data of the tests carried out and the measures tested.

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