Quality policy, environment and prevention.

AGRESA was founded in 1981 aimed at the sale of spare parts and repair of agricultural machinery in general, under the name of Agricola de Repuestos, SL. Due to the decline in the agricultural machinery sector, the wide demand for generators and the desire to grow and bet on new projects, in 1996, it was decided to focus on the sale, maintenance, repair and rental activities of the generators, with the name of GRUPOS ELECTRÓGENOS AGRESA, SL.

The activity of sale and service of the company is mainly developed within the Spanish territory, mainly in the Catalan area, but we are open for sale all over the world as we have already done in South Africa and South America.

The experience gained during all these years, allows us to offer our customers a wide range of standard generators, as well as projects and schedules adapted to their needs, with qualified personnel to provide all the services with professionalism, always looking for the top quality at competitive prices.

The Directorate of AGRESA has decided to adopt an Integrated Quality, Environment and Prevention Management System to improve the quality of all its services, aware of the importance of conservation of the Environment. We are certified with ISO 9001 Quality and ISO 14001 Environment and thus we add value to our products and services. It is also a priority to improve the levels of protection of the safety and health of the workers of our company.

AGRESA wants to be an example of a company committed to the Environment, Quality and Prevention of its services within the sector. This policy is a statement of intent from which our goals and goals are based that will be reviewed annually and that are oriented to:

  • Reduce environmental aspects valued as significant and minimize waste.
  • Prioritize customer satisfaction, as a way of ensuring the continuity and growth of the company, always seeking the continuous improvement of our processes.
  • Operate, always, under strict compliance with current legislation and any other requirement of the parties concerned.
  • Eliminate or reduce the risks derived from the work.
  • To continuously protect the safety and health of workers.
  • Establish the mechanisms of information, consultation and participation necessary to carry out preventive activity.
  • Carry out revisions to keep up to date and ensure compliance with this policy, goals and goals.

In this policy, the functions and responsibilities of preventive, quality and environment are established, so that the collaboration of each and every one of the people of the company is not only necessary but vital to achieve final goals For this reason, we must all actively get involved with the direction, which as an initial action establishes and promotes the present policy.

To demonstrate such commitments, the company makes this policy public and will be available to any interested party.

To Manresa on October 23, 2018

Fdo. Gerencia