Corrective Maintenance

Agresa carries out all types of repairs, as well as corrective maintenance of generator sets

Are you looking for a company that carries out corrective maintenance tasks for your generator set? Has it broken down suddenly and you don’t know what to do next?

Then you’ll be interested to know that at Agresa we offer comprehensive corrective maintenance services and we take care of any repair that your generator set requires, whether the fault is mechanical or electrical. Our team of technicians has a wealth of experience in both cases.

Corrective maintenance of generator sets should be carried out in the event that the report deriving from the preventive maintenance indicates a fault or negative fault diagnosis, the main indicator that problems will arise during periods of activity. 

In this case, Agresa details a quote with the estimate of the corrective measure to be carried out, with the aim of always keeping the machines in operation and in perfect working order.

corrective maintenance, Agresa

Genuine specialists in the repair of generator sets

corrective maintenance, Agresa

The quality and professionalism of our human team, along with the technical and logistical resources, and a large stock of original parts, result in a fast and reliable comprehensive repair and maintenance service of generator sets at the very least.

At Agresa we offer customer’s technical assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for any problem or emergency that may arise with their machine. We don’t mind whether the generator sets have come from our company or not, if you have problems with the electricity supply, our obligation is to help you as far as we can. Our specialist technicians are always available to work wherever the client needs them to. This is our main work and what motivates us to continue working each day to improve the energy sector of this country.

If you want us to advise you, analyse the fault or repair your generator set, you just have to contact Agresa and we will offer you the best solution possible so that you can continue with your business activity. Complete the form that you will find on this website or call 93 877 20 20, we’re waiting for you!

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