Generator set load banks: we carry out customized tests to minimize errors

Do you want to check that your generating set is working properly? Has your engine not started for a long time, and you don’t know how long it will last?

Then you will be interested to know that Agresa offers the most complete load bank testing service, with the aim of ensuring the performance of your generating set in the event of any unforeseen event.

In installations where it is not possible to carry out switching tests under load, it is advisable to apply loads to check the correct operation of the generating set, as well as to ensure that no residues are formed in the injection and exhaust circuits due to the engine running at low performance.

These residues cause its performance to decrease or may even cause breakdowns. By applying the load banks close to the power limit of the genset, all these residues are burned, and the engine is kept in optimal conditions to ensure that it works perfectly.

load banks for generator sets

The most recommended option to guarantee maximum performance: generator set load banks

With load bank tests, the operation of all the components of the generating set can be analysed in depth and monitored.

It is a process that helps us to determine with great accuracy and detail, the corrective maintenance that we must perform a posteriori, so that all the equipment responds in the best way during their periods of activity.

At the end of the load bench test, Agresa’s technical team will draw up a report with the data of the tests carried out, and the measurements checked on your unit so that you can make the appropriate decisions.

load banks for generator sets

Do you want to receive detailed information about our genset load banks?

If you have already made up your mind and want to carry out tests with generator set load banks, you only have to contact our sales department using the form you will find on this website. You will receive an answer as soon as possible. As the saying goes… Better safe than sorry!

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