Sale of generator sets: innovation and experience are concepts that define us

Do you need to buy a generator set for your company?

Without a doubt, you’ve come to the right place. At Agresa we have spent more than three decades marketing energy solutions and the best generator sets on the market. We have always been committed to innovation and development as a central focus of our line of business, working with the best and most renowned brands from the national market.

On the other hand, our other great brand value is that we have specialised in the installation of generator sets in challenging or hard-to-reach places.

In this regard, we offer customised energy solutions which are designed for each specific project. What exactly do you need?

sale of generator sets, Agresa

Our services related to the sale of generator sets

Apart from marketing and distributing the most modern and advanced generator sets, we also offer preventive and corrective maintenance tasks, as well as an excellent after sales service.

sale of generator sets, Agresa

Preventive maintenance

sale of generator sets, Agresa

Corrective maintenance

sale of generator sets, Agresa

Load banks

Excellent technical and support service: 24 hours / 365 days

We carry out exhaustive and comprehensive diagnostics of your generator set

We draft all types of reports about future measures for a correct preventive maintenance

We design customised energy projects and solutions

Agresa’s products: the best energy solutions on the market

Our way of working is based on always looking for the best solution possible, in line with the client, adapting ourselves to the specific needs of each project.

sale of generator sets, Agresa
sale of generator sets, Agresa
sale of generator sets, Agresa
sale of generator sets, Agresa
sale of generator sets, Agresa
sale of generator sets, Agresa

Sale of generator sets: brands we work with

At Agresa we work with the best brands from the energy sector to always offer you the most modern and advanced equipment. We have a wide range of different power outputs, engines and models so that you choose according to the specific needs of your business activity.



Throughout these years, we have had the pleasure of taking part in a long list of different projects, which have helped us to become what we have today: a leading company in the energy sector in Catalonia.

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Sale of generator sets: frequently asked questions

There are a series of questions it is worth answering when you want to buy a generator set:

Do you want to buy a soundproof generator set?2020-02-17T12:54:34+01:00

Then it is worth knowing that all of the brands we work with have a line of soundproof generator sets. These machines have been designed to supply energy to hospitals, homes, schools or medical centres.

What is a generator set?2020-02-17T12:57:23+01:00

Generator sets are machines designed to supply energy in places where the conventional electricity network doesn’t reach, because it’s hard to reach, far from urban centres or any other circumstance.

What types of generator sets are there on the market?2020-02-17T12:56:05+01:00

Modern generator sets can be divided into four types according to their power output:

  • Main Power: this type of machine is designed to be used unrestrictedly. They are usually used in the industrial sector, for high calibre projects, mines… All of them work with diesel and are created to have a fixed location.
  • Continuous Power: these generator sets have also been designed for uninterrupted use. They are usually used in places where it is crucial there are no power cuts in the mains power under any circumstances. We are talking about hydroelectric stations, water pumping stations, control tower…
  • Auxiliary Power: its use is limited and ranges from 200 to 500 hours per year. They are round in places where the conventional electricity network is not reliable or doesn’t supply the energy needed for the normal development of a work, industrial or commercial activity.
  • Emergency Auxiliary Power: this type of machine has been designed to work for a maximum of 200 hours per year. It is not advisable to overload them and they are usually in places where there are occasional cuts to the electricity network and supply.
How to choose your generator set?2020-02-17T12:55:00+01:00

Choosing a generator set is no easy task. You should fully analyse the energy needs of your business activity. If you need a machine for works or industrial applications, this must be powerful, robust and reliable.

We can advise and guide you during the entire buying process.

Maintenance of a generator set2020-02-17T12:53:43+01:00

At Agreso we carry out both preventive and corrective maintenance of generator sets. We draft reports with possible prevention measures and tasks to carry out.

What brands will you find in our catalogue?2020-02-17T12:51:43+01:00

We work with the best brands on the national and international market: Baudouin, Cummins, Doosan, FG Wilson, Kofo, Mitsubishi and MTU. This enables us to offer you the best energy solutions, at reasonable prices, and in a fully customised way. We adapt to the energy needs of each project we take part in.

How to repair generator sets?2020-02-17T12:49:31+01:00

We are characterised by offering all of our customers an excellent after sales service. We have a team of highly qualified technicians and professionals.

Can a generator set be installed in challenging places?2020-02-17T12:48:57+01:00

Every project is different but, throughout these years, we have installed generator sets in all types of places: raised off the floor, hard-to reach, in the middle of nature…

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